Neighborhood revitalization

The work of Intersection of Change to date has also resulted in significant neighborhood revitalization of the 1900 and 2000 blocks of Pennsylvania Avenue through the full renovation of six previously vacant and dilapidated buildings, transformation of 18 vacant lots into community green spaces and gardens, and the creation of a dozen neighborhood murals.

Renovation of vacant and dilapidated buildings

Vacant properties and abandoned lots at 1928 Pennsylvania Avenue renovated to serve the community as Martha’s Place, a recovery program for women overcoming addiction and homelessness.

Four vacant rowhomes at Pennsylvania Avenue and Presstman Street fully renovated to expand Martha’s Place and offer a mural and memorial garden that is open to the public and remembers lives lost to drugs in the community.

Vacant property at 1947 Pennsylvania Avenue renovated for Jubilee Arts, an arts and culture program for children and adults. Now known as the Harris-Marcus center, the building also holds the offices of Intersection of Change and Martha’s Place.

Greenspace and murals

Vacant abandoned lots, prevalent in the community as a result of demolished buildings, have been reclaimed as urban green spaces. This site along Pennsylvania Avenue is known as Martha’s Garden and includes a green space with trees, flowers, a mural, pond, and fountain.

An abandoned lot at the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and Presstman Street was transformed into the Choose Life Memorial mural and garden in remembrance of lives lost to drug addiction and violence in the community over decades. The space is open to the public.

An abandoned community park and fountain, dormant for decades, at the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and Presstman Street has been restored as a community asset and surrounded with newly planted trees and flowers.

Programming and activities

Vigil on Pennsylvania Avenue in the Choose Life Memorial garden is one of Intersection of Change’s annual events to bring community residents and visitors together. Other activities include an annual Jubilee Arts Art Fair and periodic music concerts.